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Bead Creative teaches classes everyday.  We teach whatever you want to learn from straight stringing to Bead embroidery.  All classes are displayed in our store.

Walk-ins are welcome but it is always preferred to have an appointment so that we get the class material ready for you.  We have kids parties and adult evening classes also.  We are now offering class schedules….see our calendar but if you don’t what to learn what is on the schedule we can teach whatever you prefer.  We offer private bead parties.  Please contact Cathi for info regarding private bead parties.

Happy Beading!

Cathi Remington

Cathi Remington has been teaching bead classes for twelve years and has owned Bead Creative for 10 years. Teaching is her passion. She knows over 5000 hundred designs without directions. She has twelve designs that are her own. She specializes in bead weaving. She also enjoys triathlons, indoor skydiving, flag football, Paddle boarding, surfing and riding her Harley. Her granddaughter is her pride and joy. Olivia will be the future owner of Bead Creative if she has it her way. Cathi spends a lot of time traveling and purchasing beads for the store from all over the world.

Amy Katz

Amy Katz has been part of the world of seed beads since 1993 as a student, teacher and designer.  Her admiration for high-end jewelry pieces is her inspiration. As her commitment to her own designs grew, Amy made the decision to give them a fine jewelry look using seed beads, crystals, pearls and other elegant materials.  Using imagination, this vision has come to life as her signature style.  In addition to being an author, Amy is a national teacher with a passion for sharing her love of the work with seed bead enthusiasts.Contact Information:Amy Katz

Kim Stathis

Through out my life, I have always needed a creative outlet.  I have played with many different types of media’s and loved them all.  The media that really captured my heart and inspired my creative soul is seedbeads!   There is just something alluring and special about those little bits of colored glass that I cannot resist.  I love the challenge of designing with seedbeads using off-loom beading techniques.  So many colors, textures and shapes!  So many ways to express yourself with beadsI have been teaching my designs nationally for the past five years.  It is my hope that students will be inspired by what they have learned in class and continue to do beadwork and enjoy it as much as I do.At home, I have my husband, son and mom, 3 Siamese cats and a Lhasa Apso dog.  Life is never dull at my house.  I do most of my design work late at night when everyone is asleep!!

Kim Dodier

Kim Dodier has been teaching and is an employee of Bead Creative since 2005.  She specializes in bead weaving and loves peyote.  Kim also teaches gymnastics and is in great shape.  She is the mother of two.  Kyle is in the Army and Kara teaches pre-school.  She has a wonderful husband Donald, and two cats.  Mr. Fuzzy and Manny.  She teaches daily at Bead Creative.

Nancy Dale

Nancy Dale is a self-taught beading artist who focuses on seed beads mixed with a variety of semi precious and precious materials.  She’s been beading for over 20 years, and gets her inspirations from nature and history, particularly trees and leaves in nature and the Medieval and the Victorian/Edwardian eras in history.  She lives in Vermont with her three dogs and her husband.

Marcia Decoster

Her love for beautiful jewelry and a life long passion to create brought Marcia to beads in the 1990’s. Early years were spent building fundamental skills and found her gravitating to right angle weave in much of her work.Marcia lives with her husband Mark in their San Diego Art Deco. Mark’s encouragement led Marcia to pursue her career as a fulltime bead artist.Alongside design work Marcia makes time to write, teach and share the joy of beads with friends worldwide.Her work has been published in Carol Wilcox Wells the Art and Elegance of Beadweaving and she was a showcased artist in Masters:Beadweaving. Marcia was a Beadwork magazine‘Designer of the and was recognized as one of Bead and Button Show’s Top Ten Teachers.. Marcia is the author of Marcia DeCoster’s Beaded Opulence, second in a series of Beadweaving Master Class Books published by Lark Books. Beads in Motion, another Lark publication was released in 2013

Nancy Dale

When people ask me, “Why is your art-business called ‘Amee Runs with Scissors?’’ I usually just laugh and say that it sounds a whole lot sexier than “Amee Eats Paste.” In truth, it has more to do with my creative process than I can usually articulate in a five-minute conversation without sounding like I might need a jacket that ties in the back. You see, in my day-to-day reality, I am actually a bit of a rule-follower… a box-checking, i-dotting, t-crossing, ultra responsible kind of girl. My creative spirit, however, seems to be about as predictable as a sugared up six-year-old. I know this because when I am truly immersed in something really creative, coming up with something wholly new, I become aware of strange, inexplicable sensation of surreptitiousness… an “almost-guilt…” like I’m getting away with something sort of mischievous and I might – at any moment – be… caught! Doing what, you ask? I have no idea. But I have come to trust this feeling – to listen to this wild-eyed, slightly-manic inner-child who might whisper something as wacky as, “I wonder would happen if I mix Tang and chocolate milk,” because she’s just as likely to say, “Hey! Let’s put some Ultra-suede in the Sizzix machine!” I work out of my home in New Hampshire making one-of-a-kind pieces of wearable-art textile-jewelry. I teach private and group classes and my technique, Soutache-and-Bead Embroidery involves hand-stitching yards and yards of soutache braid and hundreds of tiny beads.

Marjorie Garci Barnes

Marjorie Barnes is a Venezuelan jewelry designer and instructor. She has been working with a variety of techniques from metalsmithing, Precious Metal Clay, and beading for nearly 30 years. Her current passion, after studying the techniques of Sherry Serafini, is bead embroidery. Marjorie has been teaching Mathematics and Jewelry Design for the past 25 years.

Maggie Meister

The love of ancient history, color and patterns has followed me throughout my life and my designs have come to fruition during the time my family and I lived in Italy. In looking back, beads have always been a part of my life – from playing with Mardi Gras beads or collecting semi-precious stones as a young girl to my love of ancient and ethnic jewelry as I became older. Today seed beads have become the medium I use to translate my sources of inspiration into personal designs for adornment.When living in Naples, Italy, I was surrounded by ancient history. The fragments of Roman columns, mosaics and frescoes are my inspiration and I am grateful for those “ancient voices”. Small beads are my “building blocks” used to translate these voices into designs and fill my days with joy and wonder and I cherish my “connection” with the past.

Judy Souliotis

Judy Souliotis taught needlework for 28 years for national and international guilds. Certified in silk and metal thread needlework and Japanese Embroidery, studying with many noted instructors in Japan and the US. After retiring 4 years ago, she started beading. The form of Bead Embroidery became her favorite continuing her embroidery background. Beading was a form that could be completed in a short time where needlework took sometimes years to complete. Times running out and its time for fun!

Teresa “Terry” McMahon

Teresa “Terry” McMahon is a jewelry designer and certified jewelry instructor from Hingham, Massachusetts. She has been teaching many forms of jewelry construction for three years specializing in wire wrapping techniques. She is the treasurer of the Hull Artists in Hull, Mass. and is on the board for the 4th Floor Artists in Rockland, Mass. where her studio, “Treesa’s Studio 50”, is presently located. She’s been participating in Arts and Crafts shows since 1997 where she has displayed many of her works including painted glass, knitting and crochet, stained glass, jewelry and other mediums. She is educated in business administration from Northeastern University and had a 31 year career as an administrative assistant for a major corporation. She loves teaching upcoming artists and craftsmen who are interested in starting their own arts and crafts business. The website for her studio is http://www.treesasstudio50.com/ where she is presently working on news letters and a weekly blog along with seeing some of her work.

Nancy Cain

Nancy Cain’s bead story began in 1989 when she wanted to make a beaded watch band. The local bead store had a class that week and thus began her passion for beads. After making 147 watches, she wondered what the little beads were for. Not long after learning peyote stitch, she had her children and decided to quit her job as a Graphic Artist to be a stay-at-home mom. Playing with the beads and the one stitch she knew she began to explore it in depth. Teaching beginning peyote for the local store was a way to ‘work for beads.’ When Nancy teaches a class, she takes the students into the process of the technique and exploring variations within each component.Nancy lives in Colorado with her husband, Kelly. She has two children, daughter, Talley, 17 a junior in high school and son Hunter, 20 a sophomore at college. She has been teaching for the Bead&Button Show since 2005, and has traveled and taught extensively around the country as well as internationally. In 2007, Nancy was invited to teach at the Bead Art Show in Kobe, Japan and again in 2011 for Coronet Co. Ltd. She has taught on two bead cruises – one to Alaska and the other through the Baltic Sea. She was named Designer of the Year for 2010 – Beadwork magazine. Her work has appeared in Beadwork magazine and in several book Gallery sections. Nancy has twice been a BeadDreams finalist, exhibiting at the Bead&Button Show. Her work has exhibited in several museums in Japan including the Tokyo Metropolitan Museum of Art. She has an online video class through Craftsy Inc.

Chantal Griffis

A growing love of textile arts was the motivation for education and training as a working couture master seamstress. As beading became a focus for my artistic expression, woven jewelry became my muse – an art form where techniques of sewing and the artistry of crystal beading are beautifully united with pattern and design.
As an artist, my hope is that those who view my work will be inspired by the beauty of the crystals, the interplay of light and the shapes – that they will see within these patterns of this jewelry an interpretation of the beauty I see in the world around me.
In 2006, while I living in Massachusetts, I opened my own business. I relocated to the Puget Sound region in 2009. My work was recognized in publications. I continue the legacy and significance of beads and use this treasured medium to reinforce their value and purpose in modern society.

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