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Bead Creative
Be bold. Be imaginative. Bead Creative! That’s right—we’re North Hampton’s friendly, knowledgeable bead professionals. We’re Bead Creative!
Welcome to Bead Creative!
Bead Creative now features numerous shape beads in every color. Don’t miss out on all the new patterns and classes.

1. Super 8’s
2. Honeycomb
3. Round Duos’s
4. Disc Duo’s
5. Tipps
6. Pipps
7. Bobo’s
8. Infinity
9. Quad Tiles
10. Quad Rounds
11. Super Quads
12. Buttons (my favorite) along with super 8’s
13. Cresents
14. UFO’s
15. O’s
16. 2 Hole Cabs

Picasso’s and etched beads in every shape. Over 700 super duo’s and over 200 mini duo’s

Every Color, Every Size
Bead Creative proudly carries every bead color and every bead size. Whatever your vision, Bead Creative offers an inventory that’s bound to help you capture it.
5000 Designs and Daily Classes
We teach whatever you want to learn, from straight stringing to bead embroidery and with over 5000 designs to learn, there’s sure to be something for every taste.
Creative Expertise
With our enormous inventory, first-time beaders may be unsure about where to begin. Our 16 years of experience ensures we’re able to point you in the right direction of whatever project you may have in mind.


Join Us for a Beading Class

Come join all the fun…..Open classes on Weds 12-4 (call for a reserved seat)

Bead Creative is one of the largest dealers of Crystal crystal and sead beads in the U.S. Bead Creative carries Bali Sterling, Thai Sterling, bindings for all types of jewelry, pearls, semi-precious stones and a large inventory of lamp work beads. We carry all Preciosa crystals.

We offer both evening and day classes in jewelry making.

We feature over 5000 designs.

Cathi Remington – the owner of Bead Creative – patented an elegant Crystal and sterling bracelet named “A Soldier’s Hug Bracelet”, from which she donates a portion to veterans families in need.

Be Bold. Be Imaginative. Bead Creative!
There’s nothing quite like beading, we think you’ll agree. Have a look at our gallery to get an idea of all that’s possible.

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