Cynthia Rutledge – Three Nights in Paris

Date: October 26, 2017
Time: 10:00 am  to  5:00 pm

Three Nights in Paris is inspired by the all of the imagery I viewed while I was researching information about early Paris. As I was designing, I kept thinking about how amazing it would have been to visit Paris during the exhibitions and the wonders that I would have seen. As an artist, I am sure I would have been humbled (and inspired) by the skills of the artisans exhibiting. Wonders of the world!

This design evokes the blend of the Renaissance period, with the new and exciting, Art Nouveau style. A unique way of bezeling a pear CZ, offers a smooth shape and is much easier than the traditional way. Swarovski pearl cabs, with herringbone shaped embellishing, have an art nouveau feel. Flat peyote stitched necklace straps, interspersed with tiny bezeled 6mm CZ’s, add just the right touch to this delicate necklace. Vive la France!

three nights in Paris