About Teresa “Terry” McMahon

Teresa “Terry” McMahon is a jewelry designer and  certified jewelry instructor from Hingham, Massachusetts. She has been teaching many forms of jewelry construction for three years specializing in wire wrapping techniques. She is the treasurer of the Hull Artists in Hull, Mass. and is on the board for the 4th Floor Artists in Rockland, Mass. where her studio, “Treesa’s Studio 50”,  is presently located. She’s been participating in Arts and Crafts shows since 1997 where she has displayed many of her works including painted glass, knitting and crochet, stained glass, jewelry and other mediums. She is educated in business administration from Northeastern University and had a 31 year career as an administrative assistant for a major corporation. She loves teaching upcoming artists and craftsmen who are interested in starting their own arts and crafts business. The website for her studio is http://www.treesasstudio50.com/ where she is presently working on news letters and a weekly blog along with seeing some of her work.